Proximus Mobile Telefony

Thanks to the mobile phone subscriptions, you can both call and surf with your own or leased smartphone at an advantageous rate. You can even lease laptops and tablets in combination with services and options, such as the protection of your devices, for a fixed monthly fee. You can also purchase your own smartphone in combination with your proximus subscription at competitive prices thanks to smartphone deals. A wide range of smartphone accessories is of course always available.



Thanks to our offer within mobile telephony, you can be available anytime and anywhere, but also vice versa: being unavailable or limited availability is crucial at times.

Smartphones + custom subscriptions

Thanks to the mobile phone subscriptions, you can both call and surf with your own or leased smartphone at an advantageous rate.

For each employee, you can choose the mobile subscription that suits his/her activities. After all, not everyone works in the same way. That's why we offer great flexibility when it comes to mobile subscriptions.

Extra internet volume
If you are often on the road, accessibility can sometimes become an obstacle. Thanks to the option 'extra mobile data' for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or mobile internet router, this is no longer a problem. Depending on your specific needs and situation, you can opt for extra volume per device or for a shared volume that you can use on different devices.

Devices and Mobile accessories
We have a wide range of smartphones, tablets and accessories at our disposal. You can purchase or lease these from us. We also have a handy technology (Mobile Coverage Extender) to improve mobile coverage in your office or elsewhere where you decide to work at any given time.

Services for Mobile Devices

Safety is a top priority at TRAC. We are happy to help you choose the optimal combination of safety and cost efficiency for your mobile fleet.

All your devices (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablets, etc.) need full protection against the latest threats such as spam, phishing, malware, you name it. We provide the best protection thanks to our security software. Your personal and business documents are fully protected thanks to permanent updates to the security software.

Internet access wherever you are
With the Mobile Internet, Data options and Public Wi-Fi packs you can switch flexibly and automatically between Proximus' excellent 3G/4G network and Proximus free Wi-Fi.

Repair and insurance of your smartphones
You can insure your smartphone with us and also use our Smartphone Omnium pack to ensure that you receive your recovered smartphone at home the very next day.

Private and professional divorce
Thanks to Bizz Mobile Switch you can easily manage 2 numbers on 1 smartphone. In this way, there is still a clear and well-organised distinction between your private and professional life.

International & Roaming

Do you travel abroad often?
Through Proximus we offer specific rates per country. You can activate the option that suits you best for travel or going on holiday with peace of mind.

 Do you often make calls from Belgium to a foreign country?
With Proximus Calls to All Countries you can make cheaper calls from Belgium to other countries.

The recent launch of the 5G network by Proximus opens up the possibilities for a very large mobile bandwidth and much higher theoretical maximum speeds than the 4G network. The 5G network also offers a possible alternative to fixed broadband when it is not available.

Why choose TRAC?

  • Our family business has been around for 30 years. We have extensive experience and have been working for and with various self-employed persons and companies for many years.
  • For 25 years we have opted for an exclusive partnership with Proximus.
  • Trac has built up a great deal of experience in the roll-out of multi-sites and the telecom and IT management of international customers.
  • Thanks to our own customer service and our preference for a personal service, we naturally build up a relationship of trust with you.
  • Specialised employees with 15 years of experience at Trac are at your service.

We are happy to answer all your questions: