Cloud PABX

Cloud telephony already dominates the market and is on the rise to take over on-premises and analogue telephony completely. The reasons are quite obvious: your private company telephone switchboard no longer consists of a physical switchboard with all the costs, technicalities and problems that come with it. Find out here how we can work with you to ensure a smooth transition to a cloud hosted solution tailored to your business.



With a Cloud hosted switchboard you can easily set up how and when you and your company can be reached.

Proximus Call Connect (Cloud PABX)

Your telephone exchange is managed in a powerful and secure Proximus data centre. This means that you do not have to invest heavily in hardware yourself, as you can rent IP telephones from us. Moreover, you pay a fixed monthly amount per user, and the number of users can be adjusted at any time. In this way you only pay for what you need. You also keep a good overview of your expenses thanks to a one-off invoice for all your telephony and internet products.

Easy Online Management

The configuration of a whole range of functionalities associated with a telephone exchange is managed by you. Typical functionalities that belong to the Cloud PABX:

  • call forwarding
  • telephone directory
  • absence notice
  • welcome message
  • interactive menu
  • waiting music
  • personalized messages

You can manage and set these yourself using a simple and user-friendly portal, accessible anytime and anywhere via the Internet. You can also use the mobile app to control everything via your smartphone. This way you can easily set up how and when your company is optimally accessible for your customers.

General contact number & call forwarding

You have one general number (the number of your company). Your employees will each receive their own number. This allows professional management of all calls and professional reception of all your customers on all your devices (fixed and mobile), both during and outside opening hours.
Each team member can always be reached via a single fixed number and receives his personal number on top. Each call is thus forwarded to all team members simultaneously, in cascade or according to other rules of your choice. This avoids missed calls. A personalised call transfer to other devices based on 'busy', 'absent', time slots or a customer's prefix gives your customers a lasting positive impression of your company.

Separation of work and private life

Thanks to a smart app on your smartphone, your customers can only see your landline number, even if you are calling from your mobile phone. So you can also receive your calls on your mobile and at the same time when you call your customer back with your mobile, you can show them your fixed number. This way, your mobile number is never displayed, it remains private.

Why choose TRAC?

  • Our family business has been around for 30 years. We have extensive experience and have been working for and with various self-employed persons and companies for many years.
  • For 25 years we have opted for an exclusive partnership with Proximus.
  • Trac has built up a great deal of experience in the roll-out of multi-sites and the telecom and IT management of international customers.
  • Thanks to our own customer service and our preference for a personal service, we naturally build up a relationship of trust with you.
  • Specialised employees with 15 years of experience at Trac are at your service.

We are happy to answer all your questions: