Kaspersky Security

For more than 20 years Kaspersky has been recognised as an expert on viruses, malware and cybercrime. Kaspersky offers a wide range of security software that ensures the security of all your devices or even all online activities within your company. The offer is now also available in the Kaspersky Security Cloud package, to make your devices work even faster. You can now surf the internet and manage your business without any fear of ransomware.



Security evolves along with the latest threats that pose a risk to your business. We assist you to ensure permanent protection.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company that leverages its business intelligence and IT security expertise to develop security solutions for businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and users around the world. The company's range of security solutions includes workstation protection and also addresses advanced and evolving cyber threats. More than 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies and the lab also helps 270,000 professional customers protect what is most valuable to them.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC security with special features to protect your business while your employees do their jobs. With set and forget security for 5-25 employees, it protects your Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, plus your Windows file servers. So your important files stay safe.

  • Work while you're doing your job

  • Protection against ransomware for negligent workers

  • Avoids the pitfalls of online fraud and scams

  • Prevents taking over accounts

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

The easiest way to protect your business without sacrificing your IT resources, time or budget.

  • Prevent threats to ensure business continuity
  • Protects Windows PCs and file servers, Mac OS workstations and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Secure communication and collaboration with Microsoft Office 365
  • Hosted in the cloud. Hardware and software purchase, provisioning and maintenance are not required.
  • Immediate protection with a pre-defined security policy developed by Kaspersky professionals.
  • Available with a monthly subscription to free up financial resources

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business-SELECT

Security and management you can rely on - for all endpoints

As more and more of your business activities become digital, you need to protect every server, laptop and mobile device in your network. This Kaspersky product combines multi-layered technologies with flexible cloud management and centralised application, web and device functions to protect your sensitive data at every endpoint.

  • The optimisation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business helps you avoid delays in system performance. On top of that, you benefit from multi-layered protection.

  • Flexible protection technologies

  • In the cloud, on location or both? You decide. Kaspersky offers unified management via a cloud console or via a traditional console implementation on site, in AWS or Azure cloud environments. Implement security policies quickly and without unnecessary hassle thanks to our wide range of pre-configured scenarios.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business-ADVANCED

Because your company has sensitive data that needs to be kept secure, Kaspersky does more than just protect every endpoint. Automated EDR detects advanced threats, while server security enhances high-quality protection with additional application, Internet and device management to prevent theft of business and financial information.

This layer includes all the functionality of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select, plus additional advanced technologies that do even more to protect your business.

  • Adaptive security for everyone
  • Automated EDR against attacks

  • Extra protection for servers and data

  • Simplified management of systems

Cybersecurity Services

Information and expertise offer a new level of cyber-immunity:

  • Threat Intelligence

    Threat Data Feeds
    APT Intelligence Reporting
    Tailor-made reports on financial threats
    Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting
    Threat Lookup
    Cloud Sandbox

  • Security Assessment

    Penetration Testing
    Application Security Assessment
    Payment Systems Security Assessment
    ICS Security Assessment
    Transportation Systems Security Assessment

    Evaluation of smart technologies and IoT security

  • Threat Hunting

    Comprehensive analysis
    Proactive containment

  • Incident Response

    Incident response
    Digital forensic analysis
    Malware analysis

  • Security Training

    Incident response
    Malware analysis
    Digitale forensic analysis
    Efficient detection with YARA

Threat Management and Defense

This is advanced protection based on Threat Intelligence technology. The first hatch works by effectively preventing threats. This is done by strengthening systems and raising awareness of overall cyber security risks. These are the first steps towards efficient automation and effective protection.

While blocking common threats, the ability to detect unique and emerging threats (malicious and non-malware) is the key to fully-fledged cyber security.

The third component involves responding accurately and efficiently to incidents. Managed and centralised rapid response to even the most sophisticated threats is a crucial step in an effective incident management process.

The fourth and final component is forecasting future cyber threats. Full visibility - both internal and external - is an important element of SOC planning. Threat Intelligence combines both data streams to accurately forecast and protect against current and future threats and enables effective, full-circle planning for adaptive security strategy.

Integrated Endpoint Security

With the industry and customer acclaimed Kaspersky cybersecurity solution, with EDR at its core, you can effectively protect your networks and information. Expand your endpoint security without consuming resources unnecessarily.

  • Reduce risks

Prevent disruption and damage to your business by reducing the risk of becoming the victim of an advanced or targeted attack.

  • Reduce the risk of human error

Quickly and easily prevent employees from exposing themselves and your company to attack.

  • Minimal deployment of IT staff

Maximise your return on investment by increasing the number of incidents processed automatically, without increasing your staff costs.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Unlimited security designed specifically for your hybrid cloud environment.

  • Private Cloud

Proven security for virtual and physical servers, VDI implementations, storage systems and even data channels in your private cloud.

  • Public cloud

Advanced protection for workloads in public clouds, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure infrastructures.

  • Managed hosting

Complete protection for all your workloads, whether they are carried out on IaaS or on your own infrastructures.

  • Consolidated planning

Manageability, flexibility and borderless insight through an enterprise-level console.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training

Comprehensive training programmes on digital forensic analysis, malware analysis and incident response

Digital forensic analysis

The courses are designed to fill gaps in knowledge and experience - developing and improving practical skills, searching for digital traces of cybercrime and analysing different types of data to identify the course and sources of attacks.

Malware analysis

The courses provide the necessary knowledge to analyse malicious software, collect IoCs (Indicators of Compromise), develop definitions for malware detection on infected machines and to recover infected/encrypted files and documents.

Incident response

The courses guide your internal team through all stages of the incident response process and provide employees with the extensive knowledge needed to mitigate the consequences of the incident.

Efficient threat detection with YARA

Participants learn how to write the most effective Yara rules, how to test them and how to improve them to the point where they detect threats that cannot be detected by others.

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

International information provides in-depth insight into cyber threats targeting your organisation.

Threat Data Feeds

Enhance your existing security functions and forensic capabilities with our up-to-date and instantly usable cyber threat data.

APT Intelligence Reporting

Provides exclusive, proactive access to Kaspersky Lab's latest research and insights to identify APT actors' methods, tactics and tools used

Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting

Specifically targets threats to financial institutions and tools developed or sold by cybercriminals to attack banks, payment processing companies, ATMs and POS systems.

Digital Footprint Intelligence

Our experts compile a comprehensive picture of your current status of attacks. This identifies vulnerabilities for exploitation and reveals evidence of past, current and planned attacks.

Threat Lookup

It allows real-time searches of the many petabytes of collected threat data categorized and analysed over time by Kaspersky Lab. In this way, you get a global overview of threats and their interconnectedness.

Cloud Sandbox

Gain instant insight into the nature of each file for effective identification of previously unknown malware in order to respond quickly to security incidents.

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